Hello! I'm Phillip Tuna Lunatique. But you can just call me Phillip.
Welcome to my Personal Blog!
This is also a Multi-Fandom blog.
Current obsession: The Hobbit and cosplaying Aradia Megido when I get the chance

Above all things, I believe in dwarves

i'm looking for someone to share in an adventure

T’was a bright sunny day on the internet.

The citizens of tumblr scrolling about, reblogging, liking posts. 

A rumbling sound in the distance can be heard. The people looked up and saw the clouds rolling in. Flashes of lightening and the deep sound of thunder echoed throughout their city.

They looked at each other anxiously. This could not be the Homestuck fandom? Nay, the Homestuck fandom was calm lately. Perhaps too calm. Yet, how could that be when the Homestuck fandom is right beside them. Looking up in the sky in confusion.

The Doctor Who fandom perhaps. They were preparing for the olympics. It cannot be them.

The Sherlock fandom has been in the institute since the fall. The Supernatural fandom in purgatory. Perhaps they escaped? That cannot be. It is not 2013 nor Autumn.

Then the people saw it.

White Flags.

That can only mean one thing.

The Hetalia Fandom has returned

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    A girl inside the Sherlock fandom, safe inside the institute, watched the other Homestucks and Whovians, and looked...
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    They waited for the coming storm from behind the wall, constructed an instant after they were updated as to the position...